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Lidl is one of Europe’s largest supermarkets and was looking to enter the Chinese market through E-commerce. I worked with two senior designers to create a responsive website, introducing the brand through storytelling.

Interaction Design, UX/UI

Design for Localization is a responsive website that tells the story of Lidl and connects with customers in China, while maintaining the integrity of the global brand. The goal of this website is to direct users to Lidl’s e-commerce presence on JD or T-mall.

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Target Audience


Three audience groups were identified by the strategy team, including single young adults, young mums, and mature couples. They all are likely to pursue a healthy lifestyle, while appreciating value of money and product quality. It was crucial to keep them in mind when I was thinking through the website contents and experience.

Establish credibility through storytelling.


Lidl China’s brand proposition was defined as Love and Care for the Family (用挚爱,照顾挚爱).  With the right audience in mind, we structured the website to focus on Lidl’s heritage and product quality (made in Germany), while using illustrations to elicit an emotion that resonates with family and caring.

Moodboard to formulate the brand theme


Before jumping into visual mocks, I created a moodboard to get inspired and guided.

1. Moodboard of page level elements
2. Moodboard of Lidl's product illustrations

Some of my process files





Crafting a good experience is like telling a good story.

- Dan Nessler

I joined Project Lidl team at PwC Experience Centre (Shanghai) when the strategy team just finished defining Lidl's brand proposition. I was fortunate to work on this 5-month project from scratch to site launch, along with two senior designers and a remote dev team in India.

Thanks to the talented teammates and mentors I worked with, I had the chance to grow from a junior designer who only valued visual hierarchy to a product thinker who knows how to communicate effectively to solve a problem.

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